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Politicians are generally critical of media persons. It is, however, rare that media men themselves ridicule their own fraternity for indulging in political criticism not because it is justified but because even while realizing that the criticism is uninformed and superficial, the write ups do add up to “lazy copy”.


swapan-dasguptaSwapan Dasgupta is an eminent journalist who commands great respect in the capital. His page one piece every Sunday in the Pioneer is read with great interest. His latest column (May 27, 2012) is a severe comment on the media which he holds “shapes the tone and tenor of the chattering class discourse”.


Under caption “Media creates its own realities”, Dasgupta wrote last Sunday:


“Given the fact that the media thrives on stereotypes, caricatures…. it was not very surprising that the bite brigade that descended on Mumbai last week for the BJP National Executive was looking for reaffirmations of set conclusions.”


Swapan added a perceptive summing up :

“That everyone in the BJP is not on the same page is a truism. No political party in India, not even the CPI(M), possesses an army where every member of the officer corps think alike. This is democratic normalcy and it is only in India that the media projects the ideal of politics crafted on the North Korean model.”(A Marxist uniformity !)


However, when these days media-persons attack the UPA Government for its string of scams, but at the same time regret that the BJP led NDA is not rising to the occasion, I as a former pressman myself, feel they are reflecting public opinion correctly.


At a meeting of the BJP’s Core Committee some weeks back, a meeting attended by several senior RSS leaders I had reminisced about my sixty years’ political journey since the launching of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh in 1951 by Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerji. I had said that thinking of the party’s successes and failures during these sixty years, I cannot think of a more depressing year than 1984, when in the Eighth Lok Sabha Elections that took place that year, our party had put up 229 candidates. Our score in the Lok Sabha was a miserable two, one from Gujarat and the other from Andhra. In all the other states of the country, including U.P., Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, we had drawn a blank. Even in the first General Elections to the Lok Sabha in 1952, our party had captured three seats, more than in 1984 !


In 1984 I was Party President and so felt extremely downcast. But I also remember that the party had set up a Committee headed by Krishan Lal Sharma to analyse the poll results objectively. The Committee had reported that in the rank and file of the party as also in our support base, there was no demoralization because of the electoral setback, which was being attributed to the dastardly assassination of Smt. Gandhi by terrorists and a powerful sympathy wave for young Rajiv Gandhi.


The mood within the party these days is not upbeat. The results in Uttar Pradesh, the manner in which the party welcomed BSP Ministers who were removed by Mayawati ji on charges of corruption, the party’s handling of Jharkhand and Karnataka – all these events have undermined the party’s campaign against corruption.


The fact that we have a sizable contingent of MPs in Parliament today as against the niggardly two seats in 1984, that our performance in the two Houses under Sushmaji and Jaitleyji has been excellent, that the party is in power in as many as nine states today is no compensation for the lapses committed. I had said at the Core Group meeting that if people are today angry with the U.P.A. Government, they are also disappointed with us. The situation, I said, calls for introspection.



The Times of India carries today (May 30, 2012) a news item with the caption:


            AT 97, A.K. HANGAL SHOOTS FOR TV

The report says :


A year and a half ago, Avtar Kishan Hangal aka A K. Hangal, who had made millions weep with his heart-rending roles on screen was fighting illness and poverty at his residence in Santa Cruz East.


But things are now changing for the actor who had also been an active participant in the national struggle for freedom. The 97-year-old actor after starring in over 200 films, is all set to return to the small screen with a brand new show, Madhubala. He has been a part of several shows in the 1990s.


The actor will play himself on the show that is reportedly based on the life of veteran actress Madhubala. In fact, Hangal shot for the part a couple of days back.


ak-hangalHangal came on the scheduled day and shot for nearly an hour. “It was something that we had never imagined possible. He has unique energy. It was like a blessing for us. Even his son told us how happy he was to shoot after almost seven to eight years. We were all charged up seeing him on the sets. That one-hour was purely magical. I did not know whether he would be able to pull it off at this age. But he managed to give a one-take shot. It was wonderful”, said Saurabh Tewari, the producer of the show.


I remember that in the sixties and seventies, there were journalists who often used to compare the Jana Sangh with film actor A.K. Hangal and say that Hangal is always admired by cine-goers. But he cannot sustain a full film by himself. He is a brilliant character actor. But he is not a star: neither a hero, nor even a villain. Jana Sangh’s position in Indian politics is similar. Its patriotism and integrity secures for it the plaudits of all; but the party will never dominate the political scene.


I recall challenging such comments, and asserting that a day will certainly come when the situation will undergo a complete metamorphosis. That has now happened. Today BJP has become converted into such a hub of hope for all, that if it commits even a minor lapse, it does cause distress and disappointment to the people.




New Delhi

May 31, 2012

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16 Responses to “BJP : A HUB OF HOPE”

  1. ranesh.....budding lawyer Says:

    sir, i really appreciate your blog. i am a supporter of BJP and hails from Jharkhand. I asked many times the questions on BJP’s facebook page but i didn’t get the answer. it’s very good that you accepted the truth that BJP is not doing so good. if people are going to vote BJP in 2014 (i pray so) then it will be only because of UPA’s faliure not because of BJP’s emerging glow. it has lost its shine after Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. I can guarantee this most of the so called leaders of BJP currently do not know the philosophy of BJP i.e. “Integral Humanism”. you must take seminars and teach the leaders the theory of integral humanism. i think that many people of bjp do not know the philosophy of RSS. why not BJP raise questions on current education system, this BJP who claims to be so called patriotic party still accepting the prevelant Maculay Education System. change it ask the questions and today’s news in jharkhand in giridih BJP Activisits thrased up ppl bcz they opened thier shops.

  2. A Singh Says:

    Respected Sir! You pointed out very correctly “the people are also disappointed with us” and “The situation calls for introspection”. Over last decade, BJP has behaved like any other party, rather than “a party with difference”. It has failed to prove itself a worthy option for corrupt UPA. The organization needs a complete overhaul, especially in U.P., being most importatnt state politically. The organization set up has not changed a bit to bring vibrancy and senior leaders have failed to motivate the grass root workers. Hope something can be done before 2014.
    With best regards
    Abhishek Singh

  3. shaksingh Says:

    Sir you have pointed out good things ? your blog is all fine , what next ? People are fedup of congress but they are not even inclined towards BJP , why ? The biggest problem is BJP’s media management , people who go on news channels except M lekhi , nirmala mam and one or two more , others dont know what to talk about. BJP has to understand that people want to see them in center stage only if BJP wants it , look at innovative ways , bandh is again an old idea.

    A disheartened all time BJP supporter.

  4. apnakinara Says:

    your absolutely right sir but party and sangh is not understand your felling,emotion & experience. when you are active in politics.

  5. arvind12 Says:

    Respected Advani ji Sadar pranam.
    First of all many thanks for u to giving us a nationalists party bjp.Dear sir you are the main contributor in the establishment of bjp.You are the father of this party .I agree that party is facing lot of problem from outside and inside.
    First time i have seen that you publicly criticized the party in your blog.You were the supporter of internal discussion for various issues.if you had any problem with any was it not the way to discuss on appropriate forum.
    Dear sir i really like your leadership which gives us a leader like Shivraaj singh,Raman singh,Uma bharti and many more but Narendra Modi is real diamond from your vision.
    Dear sir really people liking narendra modi.please make a way to him to lead the country.
    Dear sir you will always a great fighter for the party and the nation.
    Jai Hind
    Thanks & Regards
    Arvind Nayak

  6. premsood53 Says:

    sir i totally agree with u but bjp (NDA) is last hope of india sir i am big admirer of u hope u visit rajasthan in next assemebely electiond so i can meet u

  7. reachspring Says:

    Sir, You have gained back my respect..!! Way to go.. Hopefully clean up happens now..!! And bring lokpal etc and weed out malice..

  8. vikalp Says:

    when i see as a common man i can see you are only responcible man for BJP coz mostly people think BJP is Creation of Atal Ji and you , common man dont know about anusangik sangathans and sangathan vyavastha,
    i know its not true what a common man think about BJP’s orgnization.
    but you are responcible in common man’s eyes.
    please make it true , keep it up , dont leave till india dont become a devloped country , till evry one dont get food n medicine, i said before its not the right time for sangh’s dream india. coz for that we have to make moral india , and you wont make any man moral till he is hungry !
    ( Aapka Eklavy )
    Vikalp Simgh Nanda ( Advait )

  9. muslimbhagawat Says:

    Today the movements by ANNA and BRD gets huge response from all over the country,WHY?have you ever analyse it?It is due to torture by congress and its partners of people by way of price rise,anarchy,anti -nationalism,anti-socialsim,conversion of hindus to muslims and christians.Hindus are particulary a 2nd class citizesn in their own country.But BJP as a whole failed all hopes and aspirations of people.BJP has failed the people by its defensive role in the last 8 years from May’2004 to date.If BJP wud have done its duty as a principal oppn party then the congress wud not have been so arrogant and unresponsive.Why do you allowed ANNA and BABA to earn the goodwill of people which would have earned by BJP.But it is matter of regret that BJP has failed its duty as an principal oppn party and a party with a differrence.

  10. Amey1989 Says:

    Nitin Gadkari should go to Maharashtra. There is a need of strong administration from BJP in Maharashtra. So, Nitin Gadkari is the best option. Nitin Gadkari ji should be projected as CM of Maharashtra. Narendra Modi Ji should be a national president of BJP and Keshubhai Patel should be a Chief Minister of Gujrath.

    Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is also best option for national president of BJP. If BJP makes Naqvi as national president it will be good answer to congress who always says that BJP is anti-muslim party and communal party.

    Who should be removed from BJP to save unity and integrity.
    1.Remove Anant Kumar from BJP who is responsible for Karnataka dispute.
    2.Remove Gopinath Munde from Maharashtra who is not trust worthy person.
    3.Remove those persons who are bringing irritation to party.
    4.RSS should not interfere in each and every decision of BJP.

    Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi are good faces. Bring them forward in national level… Wake up BJP.

  11. appoo222 Says:

    BJP would have supported lokpal bill wholeheartedly but whereas BJP supported all the amendments to lakpal bill done by Congress to make the Bill so weak. I don’t really understand what is BJP’s stand here.

    BJP has double standards in protesting corruption because it is also thoroughly involved in it may be not as much as congress involved. BJP now can’t be seen as a viable option against congress as the difference between congress and bJP is very minimal. BJP has many leaders with congress attitude like Arun Jaitley.
    Hope Advani realises that country has great hopes on BJP to change the system in this country.

  12. sasikp Says:

    Dear Sir,
    You are right that the party needs to introspect, but not only on ‘why people are disappointed?’, but also on ‘how a party with difference became party with indifferences’. I still haven’t lost the hopes on BJP, and I want BJP to come back to power and root out the terrorism.

  13. subhash sarkar Says:


  14. pprao Says:

    Dear Sir,

    we all witnessed revival of Nationalism during 6 year NDA rule. This happened to be one great difference between INC and BJP.
    But all that was lost as BJP is pursuing more or less same agenda as that of congress.

    Everyday Indian culture and ethos are under attack but nobody is bothered about it. Even Parivar does not care about.
    Every odd fellow on street is questioning family values and promoting drugs and nudity.
    Development and money seems to be only mantra everybody wants to go after.
    Are we just a group of people without any identity?

  15. narayan.shastri Says:

    Mr. Advani sir,

    Please teach a lesson to all those in the Karnataka unit of BJP. Tell them to shut up and run the government properly. Each and every citizen of Karnataka is furious with Yeddi and his gang of corrupt ministers such as Murugesh Nirani, Basavaraj Bommai etc., who are holding Karnataka to ransom, by obstruting Sadananda Gowda from doing his duty as CM.

    If BJP central leadership does not take punitive action, BJP will be routed in the next assembly election (though I will not be happy if Congress or JDS wins). You will have only Karnataka BJP to blame!

    Good day.

  16. Jaypillai Says:

    Dear Advaniji
    I have admired the party and have immense respect to the leaders in BJP but of late
    I have seen BJP a big time looser in Media Management ….media creates quite a lot of impact in the Indian Urban voters minds…I think BJP faces in media are not strong enough or Media Policy from BJP is not up to mark. If putting up a bad show ( which will be mostly manipulated by Anchors who are anti BJP) is not yeilding the positive effect..Let the Party not appear in such media debates and make it clear to public that this is due to the media being blatantly onesided.
    Please see that if any thing which is harmful to the ruling coalition is mentioned the anchors take pains to just add BJP into the same light. And What I have seen is that BJP spokespersons are being naive to walk into such debates. BJP needs to put up a strong face and be un apologetic in Media approach

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