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In my blog dated 3rd May, I had written about the Swarna Jayanti Samaroh of Gujarat. In this I had pointed out how Narendra Bhai Modi had proved a unique Chief Minister who had converted a prashasanik programme into a People’s Programme and made every citizen feel a proud participant in the sankalp to make Gujarat a model state in every sense of the word.

Generally speaking, by now, people have widely come to acknowledge that in terms of honest governance and development of Gujarat, Narendra Bhai’s achievements are beyond dispute. What is often questioned is how harmonious are inter-communal relations in the state, and specifically speaking, how happy and contented the Muslims are in the State.

In 2006 Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh appointed a high power committee headed by Justice Shri Rajinder Sachar to make a detailed study of the economic, social and educational conditions of Muslims in the country.

The Sachar Committee after completing the task assigned to it, submitted a detailed Report of over 400 pages. Given below are some very pertinent facts based on the statistics provided by the Sachar Report which look into various parameters like education, employment and income of the Muslim population living in rural and urban areas of the country through elaborate tables. Here are some findings concerning Gujarat :

– In terms of literacy level, Muslims in Gujarat stood at 73.5 percent as compared to the national average of 59.1. While the figure for the urban males was 76, it was 81 for those living in rural areas as compared to the national average of 70 and 62 respectively in similar category. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.1, Page No. 287]

– Even Muslim women in the urban areas of Gujarat have average literacy rate 5 point higher than the national average whereas their counterparts in rural areas of Gujarat fare even better with a literacy rate of 57 percent as compared to the national average of 43 in similar category. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.1 b, Page No. 289]

-Also in Gujarat, a greater percentage of Muslims have attained primary, secondary and higher secondary level education compared to the national average and compared to other states. Against the national average of 60.9% (and 42.2% in UP), Gujarat had 74.9% Muslims at the primary level while the percentage is 45.3 at Secondary level as compared to national average of 40.5% and 29.2% in UP. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.6 & 4.7, Page No. 295-296-297-298]

-The average years of secondary schooling for Muslim children between age 7 and 16 years is higher in Gujarat at 4.29 years compare to the national average of 3.26 years. The figures in West Bengal, UP and Bihar are 2.84, 2.60 and 2.07 years respectively. The truth is that the Muslim children in Gujarat are benefiting from equal opportunities to access secondary schooling as other children. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.2, Page No. 290-291]

The other aspect is the economic well being of Muslims in Gujarat. Here also, the Sachar Committee dispels the myth.

– In terms of per month per capita income, Muslims in the urban areas of Gujarat earn an average Rs 875 which is more than the national average of Rs 804. In contrast, it is Rs 662 in UP, Rs 748 in West Bengal, Rs 811 in Punjab, Rs 803 in Andhra Pradesh and Rs 837 in Karnataka. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 8.2, Page No. 364]

– The story is similar in rural Gujarat where the per capita monthly income of the Muslims 20-25% more than the Muslims living in the rural areas of most other states. It is on an average Rs 668 as compared to the national average of Rs 553. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 8.3, Page No. 365]

– In terms of people living below poverty line, Gujarat had 54% Muslims living below it in 1987-88 while the figure stood at 34% in 2004-2005 showing a healthy pace of improvement. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 8.5, Page No. 367]

– Even in terms of share of Muslims in state employment, i.e, government jobs, it is 5.4% in Gujarat while it is 2.1% in West Bengal, 3.2% in Delhi and 4.4% in Maharashtra. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 9.4, Page No. 370]

Overall, the total picture dispels the malicious propaganda that injustice is being done to Muslims in the state of Gujarat. The study undertaken by the Sachar Committee on educational condition clearly shows that the Muslims of Gujarat are progressing well in the field of education. They are provided ample opportunities and they are well cared for. The facts on their economic conditions dispel similar myths about their being discriminated against or being denied equal opportunity.

The fact is echoed by none other than the Imam of the Jama masjid in Ahmedabad, Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui who reportedly commented sometime back “Muslims have an opportunity to prosper in the peaceful environment that the Modi government has created. Modi has provided an atmosphere which is conducive for those who want to trade peacefully in Gujarat.’’

In setting up the Sachar Committee, Government had its own objectives. But going through the comparative statistics compiled by the Committee, I feel Gujarat should be grateful to Justice Sachar for proving convincingly to the country that under Narendra Bhai Modi’s regime Muslims are far better off than their compatriots in other states.

L.K. Advani
New Delhi

17th May, 2010

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  1. kamal Says:


    This is good – statistics shown to make people aware of the progress made by BJP ruled states.

  2. pdkamath Says:


    Thanks for bringing out one more blog post which is very significant in the mist of very confusing political scenario where the so called champions of secularism are creating fear in the minds of Muslims against BJP by encashing the Gujarath riots as per their need. But I don’t believe these tactics of pseudo secularists may give any dividend provided BJP on its part makes some extra efforts to prove its counterparts wrong by its actions.

    Muslim population in India is showing exponential growth and no political party can ignore this fact and win elections without its support any more. It is a fact that our Muslim brethren are no less patriotic and honest than Hindus and it is wise on the part of BJP to awaken our Muslim intelligentsia who have been in a selective amnesia. BJP should, in the interest of our country, not waste any more time and act swiftly. I believe Sachar committee report should be a blessing in disguise for New Bharath

  3. pdkamath Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Continuing my comment for this post, the Sachar committee report should be treated as a testimonial to Mr. Modi’s governance where nobody is appeased as a part of vote bank politics. As another testimoney to his brand of politics where development is given more importance than anything else, Mr Pronnoy Roy of NDTV (who is leading a concerted attack of pseudo-intellectuals against BJP) has given a statement in one of post election analysis that,”the main strangth of Modi is his honesty. He never allows anybody in his state to make corruption under his nose”.

    I feel development should be the manthra BJP should use and it cannot be better than Mody brand of governance to make India as one of the the most developed countries by 2010.

  4. nandhini Says:

    Respected Sir,

    Every citizen who wants development of our nation will expect aleader like narendramodi sir. The development of gujarat stands for his dedication. This country needs him for the real development.

  5. samir Says:

    There is only one patriotic party in this country and that is BJP. There are some sections in media who are motivated and work under the influence of petro dollars and they call BJP communal to suit their purpose… BJP should try to reach out to Muslims in a visible manner.

  6. JayKumar Says:

    In Gujarat Bohra Muslims are more literate compared to others sects within Muslims community and are involved in business, so they are the urban face of Muslims in Gujarat.

    Sir, you should not have endorsed this report as it has landed up in Delhi High Court in a PIL, which alleged that the committee report and the government’s follow-up action were unconstitutional. Terming it an “unconstitutional move”, Court asked the central government why only the Muslim community has been chosen for implementation of the Committee report while other minority communities were left out. While issuing notice to the central government, observed: “Poverty is a common enemy. It does not come to one community in particular.” Posing questions to the government, the bench asked: “Does the Committee recommend facilities to other communities as well?

    committee’s recommendations were irrational, & the panel itself had said that in nine states Muslims were educationally more advanced than other communities.

  7. JayKumar Says:

    An opinion poll conducted by NDTV news channel: –

    Best performing CM

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was considered the best performing Chief Minister in the last one year with those surveyed giving him 85 per cent, just one per cent higher than Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

  8. HIMANSHU Says:

    Dear Mr Advani,

    What I gather from your writing is that Mr Modi has done
    things which are beyond doubt good but should BJP project Mr Modi as the next PM of this country ? In case it does, it should shy away from populist and what appears to be a secetarian approach of Hinduism. It should not become a pseudo Hindu party but a centrist party. Mr Modi would not be an asset until he does something to win the trust of the minorities which is not a one day affair but a gradual process.

    As for Mr Modi’s development of Gujrat goes he has been able to organize an already cultured and well-off state but can he turn around states like UP, MP and Bihar which have feudal background ?

  9. Ajay Says:

    Respected Advani ji,

    We sincerely urge you to give us a similar kind of leader as Modi, in UP. We people are living in hell here and there is no hope even from BJP as well. I dont think that BJP doesnt have honest & dynamic leader like him for UP. Then why you people are not thinking about it ??? Please..please..please…look into the matter.

  10. Chinmay Says:

    Good to see the Blog being supported by facts & stats to support your say that Muslims in Gujarat have a better living than their brothers in other Indian states!

    This should be taken as an example & publicized well so that the nation knows how good the Gujarat Govt is in terms of development, irrespective of caste & creed.


    Aadarniya Advaniji,

    The facts produced by you from the much publicised report of Sachchar Committee, should be an eye-opener for all the pseudo-secular leaders & intellectuals of the country,who are making hue & cry for reservation of muslims on the basis of the same Sachchar Committee report, but have deliberately ignored the comments of Justice Sachchar over the state of affairs & all round development of muslim population in Gujrat under the able leadership of Narendrabhai Modiji.

    It is pity that Manmohan Singh’s government which acknowledged Modiji as the Best functioning Chief Minister of India & Gujrat as the Best Govrned State of India, is busy torturing persons who allign with Sri Modi for the betterment of Gujrat. India is a country where people who have true sense of secularism & who follow Sarva Dharma Sambhav are neglecteda nd abused. Everybody knows that Gujrat riots were the result of the grusome Godhra incident in which innocent Karsevaks were burnt alive by muslim miscreants.

    But for the appeasement & for the sake of vote politics, every pseudo-secularist started crying for the so-called Gujrat massacre. Ram Vilas Paswan & Mamta Bannerji left NDA over this, but shared cabinet seats with Muslim League ministers in UPA Govt. So, despite knowing that Justice Sachchar has appreciated & highlighted the good works done by Modi Govt. in Gujrat for the muslim community in general & muslim women in particular, these blind muslim appeasers will be still compaigning & singing the same tune against Bhai Modiji.

    Gopal Mohan Misra


    Respected Advaniji,

    In continuation of my earlier comment,I totally agree with Mr.P.D.Kamath,who says,“It is a fact that our Muslim brethren are no less patriotic and honest than Hindus and it is wise on the part of BJP to awaken our Muslim intelligentsia”.BJP should make a nationwide publicity of the facts, brought out by Justice Sachchar in his report about the economic,social & educational growth of muslims in Gujrat,under the stewardship of Narendra Bhai Modi. Those who want to implicate Narendra Bhai for the Gujrat riots & project him as a “mass muslim killer” should be shown the light & let the country & the world decide who is communal & who is a genuine secular.

    Thanks & regards

    Gopal Mohan Mishra
    Anand Multispeciality Hospital
    Uttar Pradesh

  13. rizwan raza Says:

    जनाब अडवाणी साहेब, आदाब अर्ज़.

    आप ने जो लिखा सच है. इस देश में कौंग्रेस पार्टी ने जितना नुकसान मुसलमानों को पहुँचाया या जितने फसाद करवाए वो सब जानते हैं. मगर आपकी विचारधारा से शायद मुस्लिम सहमत नहीं हैं. 2/2/2010 को हम लोग नितिन जी से मिल कर आये हैं. वो खबर देश के न्यूजपेपर्स में भी छपी. मगर कुछ हुआ नहीं. विचार से विकास है, श्रद्धा से संतोष.

    रिजवान रज़ा
    [email protected]

  14. Sateash Kumar Jain Says:

    It is a matter of extreme concern that in the largest democracy of the World untruths has been dished out rigourously,regularly by the repository of the truth,called Indian Print & Electronic Media.To malign men who know the rules of Governance and are committed to the Nation & It’s People,Our Bharat….Men of proven eminence in the People centric Governance of Gujarat ,Mr.Narendra Modi.Even though this is the only model correct for development of the Country.By blatant lies,the Media robbed BJP of a Victory in the last elections.Is it not right to look for legal recourse to correct [email protected]

  15. Sateash Kumar Jain Says:

    My question to Indian Media is that by continuosly dishing out Untruths about Gujarat & It’s People,including Muslim Brothers,are you not trying to foster,inject Communal Disharmony in the peaceful development Model State of Gujarat? If it so,are you not violating law of the land ? Can’t you be charged with spreading hatre,sowing communal disharmony? Against Mr.Narendra Modi & 5.5 crore Gujarati People? It is time media apolozised.

  16. Karan Singh Says:


    I stay in Gandhinagar. I would not be surprised if Muslims vote for Modi the next elections.

  17. Nandik Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Modi is indeed the best Administrator and a much needed one. Correct blend or mix required today…

    Wish to meet you in person. Aasha hai ki jaldi Mil paayenge!




    Today I read in newspaper that a muslim khap has taken objection against the same gotra marriage of a police constable. This proves that but for a handful of migrants, all Indians follow a common way of life, which has come to be known as Hindutva. This covers the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists et al. This is the best opporutunity for the leaders of the BJP to assert this fact of common heritage of all Indians and put forward Hindutva as Indian way of life. This will absolutely counter the politics of religion being followed bt he Congress Party.

  19. M.Phani Kumar Says:


    I am a TV journalist. I studied the complete report of Justice Sachar and also the rangnath Misra report. In both the reports, with statistical proof, they said that in India, in most of the areas, Hindu SC/ST’s are more backward than Muslims in education, fertility, self- help group business etc. But (it seems from your blog) that the committee report was in favour of Muslims. How is it possible.


    Dear Advaniji,

    Being a MENTOR and a veteran leader of BJP, I plead with you to ask other BJP governed states to emulate “good governance” track record of the BJP governement in GUJARAT.

    I strongly believe you being a staunch proponent of “good governance” and Sri Nitin Gadkari having a impressive track record of ‘”exceeded expected level ” of performance when in POWER, can be true role models to win elelctions on “good governace” track record !

    Please fight UP ELections on the BSP (BIJLI, SADAK and PANI) and not on trivial issues like statue repalcement and getting back at BSP workers !

    Advaniji you would rightly know the impact of a win in UP would make to the BJP.


  21. GOPI DUTT Says:


    We solicit your co-operation in fulfilling our sacred mission of cleaning the Yamuna River. We have a plan to clean Yamuna within 7 months.

    The pollution in Yamuna is being caused, apart from other things, due to the disposal of used flowers and other worship materials in our Holy River Yamuna. Our organization, YFF, has undertaken a project to clean the rivers of INDIA starting with The YAMUNA, which will be starting from Delhi . We plan to conduct a 108 days programme called Delhi ki Ganga – Yamuna Mahotsav.

    We need your support Sir.

    Kind Regards,
    Gopi Dutt Akash
    President – Youth Fraternity Foundation
    http:[email protected]
    Email- [email protected]

  22. stokinghem Says:

    आदरणीय अडवाणी जी

    जिन्ना की प्रसंशा के परिणामों को आप ने देखा ही है ….श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी को तो रहने दो …जो कुछ हिंदूओ की श्रध्दा श्री मोदी जी पर है उनको बरक़रार रहने दो वोह ही बीजेपी के लिए देस के लिए अच्छा होगा

  23. badri narayanan p Says:

    The facts have exposed malicious propaganda of the pseudo secular congress against Gujarath and Modiji

  24. Som Says:

    Your reproduction of the Sachar committee should be an eye opener for all the pseudo-secularites in our country. Some of them are crying for Muslim’s reservation ‘based’ on this same report by Sachar committee !

    There is no substitute and there shall never be a substitute for good discrimination-free governance. The sooner Indians realise this, the better it is for India.

  25. Rahul7587 Says:

    Respected Advaniji

    You’ve commented below words in your above article:

    “The other aspect is the economic well being of Muslims in Gujarat. Here also, the Sachar Committee dispels the myth. In terms of per month per capita income, Muslims in the urban areas of Gujarat earn an average Rs 875 which is more than the national average of Rs 804.”

    Could you please refer the Appendix 8.2 of report again.

    Below states are far ahead of Gujarat. What do you want to say about that ?

    Assam – 1199
    Haryana – 1105
    Kerala its 1081
    Delhi 1051
    Tamilnadu – 1020.
    J&K – 991
    Maharashtra -921

    Isn’t it just quoting Gujarat article is misleading people? Its proved that Muslims are far better in Non BJP States.

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