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wood-carving-editedA remarkable piece of sandalwood carving on display at our Prithviraj Road residence is of Shri Krishna administering Geetagnyan to Arjuna at Kurukshetra, and in that process giving him a darshan of His Vishwaroop.


 What is even more significant about this carving is the fact that the artist, hailing from Chikmangloor (Karnataka), has depicted on the back side of this excellent Vishwaroop carving not only several other scenes from the Mahabharata, like Draupadi Cheer Haran, and Bhishma Pitamah on his bed of arrows, sermonizing to the Pandavas, but also all    the Dashavataras, from Matsyavatara andKurmavatara to Krishna and Kalki.


A fortnight or so back I had seen in the media reports that a film produced and directed by Kamal Haasan, outstanding film maker of Tamilnadu, titled Vishwaroopam (in Tamil) and Vishwaroop (in Hindi) had precipitated some controversy. The result was that the Tamilnadu Government had first banned the film, and later on permitted it with some scenes muted. Ever since I had read these reports I had had a desire to see the film.


hassanLast week, I had a welcome phone call from Kamal Haasan himself informing me that he was coming to Delhi for a few days and that on any of the days he was here he would like me to see his film.


On June 3rd, therefore, along with my family and some friends I had occasion to see this wonderful film, which I reckon, in both content and technical quality, is one of the best films I have seen in years.


The film is a spy thriller scripted also by Kamal Haasan, and shot mainly in three countries – in the U.S.A., in India and in Jordan.


Two days after the screening of the film Kamal Haasan came to our home for Sindhi curry and rice. After dinner I recounted to him an anecdote I had heard during my school days in Karachi.


vishwaroopamThe story is about a meeting Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini had during the Second World War, in which Hitler tells the Italian Supremo that the sins committed by the two of them would prove very costly for them after death. When Mussolini said to his friend that so far as he was concerned when his own end came he would go to the Vatican and seek help from the Pope who is believed to have a Pass for Heaven. Hitler asked him to commend to the Pope his name also. This anecdote is accompanied by a demonstrative exercise with a pair of scissors,  and a sheet of paper, in which the story ends up with both the two Fascist leaders landing in Hell, and only the Pope reaching Heaven.


Kamal Haasan enjoyed my demonstration, and was provoked to ask me : Have you read the Book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” The Book is co-authored by Simon Dunstan, prominent author, film maker and photographer in the field of military history and Gerard Williams, renowned television journalist for over thirty years with the BBC, Sky News and Reuters.




book-grey-of-wolfKamal Haasan, has sent me the book that he promised. The 350-page book is extremely well researched. Together, the two authors undertook seventeen research trips to Argentina where Hitler, according to them lived until 1962.


The back cover of this book sums up :


Based on years of research investigative journalist Gerard Williams and military historian Simon Dunstan believe that the escape of Adolf Hitler from Berlin & Operation Feuerland & was meticulously planned by the Nazis from 1943 onward. There is considerable testimony and evidence that suggests the operation was a success and that Hitler escaped to South America, where he lived until his actual death in 1962.


L.K. Advani

New Delhi

9 June 2013

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  1. admin Says:

    Respected Advaniji,

    I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to see Vishwaroop n 3rd june in the company of Mr Kamal Husan himself.A movie with a clearcut message for all of us.The changing face of Terror has to be checked and eliminated (if possible) through a concerted effort of every one,no country can claim immunity from their reach.

    With warm regards.

    Gen Seth.
    With Best wishes.

  2. Nageshcnm Says:

    Respected Sir
    How is your Health now,
    I really respect you sir

    what is the real reason behind Absence to GOA

    Sir we need your Government at any cost

    pls respect each other

    Modi & Advaniji :-)

  3. Lokeshrathi Says:

    Respected Sir,
    Viswaroopam is indeed a good movie. I am also follower of Chanakya. I do read bhagvat geeta or Purans. The only thing I came to understand is nothing is more important then NATION. Even Bheeshma Pitamah agreed his mistake at the end of mahabharat yudha that his Love/greed for his father has become poison for the Nation. Chanakya Episodes also taught me the same,People who are not with you in the nation progress are against you & Nation builds of people and their culture.

    I respect you a lot and believe that you are strong enough to uproot the corruption from society. If not you would help with your wisdom to select a strong leader with conviction and fearless.

    We need your help for making it better. Party is going in right direction and it must go.Appreciate your guidance in future.
    best regards,

  4. S.SANKARAN Says:

    Dear Shri.Advaniji,

    I am a senior Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also Associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.The Country is watching the developments happening in BJP recently. One thing I want to strongly say is that THERE CANNOT BE ANY BJP WITHOUT YOU AND TODAY’S BJP IS YOUR PRODUCT AND YOUR CREATION.
    As I told you when I met you personally few years back in Tiruchirapalli along with my family members that according to me , You are the ONLY NATIONAL LEADER next to RAJAI in India . .Your are not s simple political leader like others. YOU ARE A UNIQUE NATIONAL LEADER IN INDIA AND NOBODY CAN BE COMPARED WITH YOU.
    The whole nation is waiting to see you as the Prime Minister of India soon.

  5. ajn21 Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 22 year old young Indian, a BJP sympathizer and I have read extensively on your political career and that of the man everyone is talking about. And I have come to know what that man stands for. I am commenting on this blogpost to express my support for you standing up against him. The media might suggest the two of you are the same but that’s not true. You lead the Ram Janmabhoomi because hindus needed to unite against appeasement in those days but you never intended the death the destruction that happened. And you have always stood up for democratic principles. And in my opinion that man is a tyrant and needs to be stopped.
    I wanted you to know im a young BJP supporter and I believe in democracy and I don’t think he is the right man for our country as well. I just wanted you to know, contrary to the opinion polls, there is still a young BJP supporter who stands with you. I request the person reading this to convey my message, even if you dont post it on the blog.

  6. san Says:

    Respected Sir,
    Firstly, I never agreed with you politics, but then a democracy has to have a full healthy spectrum, and in your part there have been very few leaders as tall as you. In the process of politics you like everyone, for centuries, would have indulged in posturing and played a few moves because they were expedient, so as to keep the long term belief and principle viable. Having said that, I will carry on further from the Hitler and Mussloini anecdote. I am too young to have heard Hitler or Goebbels, neither have I seen the brown-shirts and storm-troopers, but I can imagine what they would have been like, after seeing Goa on TV, and some of the newer spokespersons of your party. As also the use of the words ‘Standing and Credibility (not Stature)’, and also ‘if 10 out of 400 were absent whats the issue’. I am also reminded of Hindenberg and Hitler. I feel there has always been space for a Right-of-Centre politics and my best wishes to you Sir in your endeavour. JAI HIND.

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