Ladli Laxmi Yojana: We’ll implement it nationwide and make every girl child a ‘Lakhpati’

March 16, 2009


My website received a lot of appreciation for the creative manner in which our team presented the message of greetings on March 8, International Women’s Day. The usual masthead of the website was replaced with three alternating screens, the first saying “Naari Tum Shraddha Ho” (Woman, you are Devotion); the second saying, “Naari Tum Samskaar Ho” (Woman, you are Culture); and the third saying, “Naari Tum Shakti Ho” (Woman you are Strength). The idea was inspired by the famous lines by renowned Hindi poet Jayashankar Prasad:

Nari! Tum keval shraddha ho,
Vishwas-rajat-nag-pal-tal mein,
Piyush srot si baha karo,
Jeevan ki sundar samtal mein.

(Oh woman! you are devotion personified
Under the silver mountain of faith,
Flow you, like a river of ambrosia
On this beautiful earth.)

“Shraddha”, “samskaar” and “shakti” — these three words capture some of the greatest attributes of women in general, and Indian women in particular. Nevertheless, it pains my heart when I look at the statistics about the development status of women in India.

• Female life expectancy: 64.6 years.

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