April 4, 2019

On April 6th, the BJP will celebrate its Foundation Day. This is an important occasion for all of us in the BJP to look back, look ahead and look within. As one of the Founders of the BJP, I deem it to be my duty to share my reflections with the people of India, and more specifically with the millions of workers of my Party, both of whom have indebted me with their affection and respect.

Before I share my thoughts, I take this opportunity to convey my most sincere gratitude to the people of Gandhinagar, who have elected me to the Lok Sabha six times since 1991. Their love and support has always overwhelmed me.

Serving the Motherland has been my passion and my mission ever since I joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at the age of 14. My political life has been inseparably associated with my Party for nearly seven decades – first with the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, and later with the Bharatiya Janata Party and I have been a founding member of both. It has been my rare privilege to work closely with stalwarts like Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and many other great, inspiring and self-less leaders.

The guiding principle of my life has been ‘Nation First, Party Next, Self Last.’And in all situations, I have tried to adhere to this principle and will continue to do so.

The essence of Indian democracy is respect for diversity and freedom of expression. Right from its inception, the BJP has never regarded those who disagree with us politically as our “enemies”, but only as our adversaries. Similarly, in our conception of Indian nationalism, we have never regarded those who disagree with us politically as “anti-national”. The party has been committed to freedom of choice of every citizen at personal as well as political level.

Defense of democracy and democratic traditions, both within the Party and in the larger national setting,has been the proud hallmark of the BJP. Therefore BJP has always been in the forefront of demanding protection of independence, integrity, fairness and robustness of all our democratic institutions, including the media. Electoral reforms, with special focus on transparency in political and electoral funding, which is so essential for a corruption-free polity, has been another priority for our Party.

In short, the triad of Satya (truth), Rashtra Nishtha (dedication to the Nation) and Loktantra (democracy, both within and outside the Party) guided the struggle-filled evolution of my Party.The sum total of all these values constitutes Sanskritik Rashtravad (Cultural Nationalism) and Su-Raj (good governance), to which my Party has always remained wedded. The heroic struggle against the Emergengy rule was precisely to uphold the above values.

It is my sincere desire that all of us should collectively strive to strengthen the democratic edifice of India. True, elections are a festival of democracy. But they are also an occasion for honest introspection by all the stakeholders in Indian democracy – political parties, mass media, authorities conducting the election process and, above all, the electorate.

My best wishes to everyone.


  1. I just want to tell you how much you mean to us.
    We know life can take a toll,
    but we want you to know we are here for you,
    and above all we wish you good health.

  2. Thank you Sir. An indebted nation salutes you. I am convinced that history will judge your contribution with objectivity and will place you among the nation’s builders, two of whom you have mentioned in this blog. Thank you once again.

    Politics will never be the same again.

  3. आडवाणी जी आपके विचार आधुनिकभारत की जमा पूँजी है, महान राजनेता को दिल से सलाम एवं भारतीय राजनीति के शलाका पुरुष का अभिनन्दन. आप भारतीय राजनीति के दिशनिरदेशक एवं भीष्म पितामह है।

  4. if BJP will follow these lessons INdia, its values and its diversity will be secured, but if it will go other path at which they are currently going, i feel it will lose its ground.

  5. What a wonderful writing. I feel that everyone should read with an open mind. Could this not be published in News papers ?

  6. Namaskar,
    “Only he can be merciful who has the power to punish”… Let the public perception about Sri LK Advani live long as the one who nurtured BJP and its leaders and yet relinquished all post and positions….

    Its now time for new generation, let them lead the party as per the values instilled by you.

    I would request you to keep writing as that keeps our faith afloat….

    Its good that you have kept yourself out of election this time, and your silence about that matter elevated your stature. I liked Uma Bharti’s statement about you where she quoted Ramayan, which is most apt advise for a person of your grand standing.


  7. Mr. Advani, I do think your keeping quiet for so long has nothing to do with your health, but with the discipline instilled. Aggressive nationalism has no basis in a democracy, you should have spoken out at least 6 months back . I do believe that the debacle of 2004 weighed heavily and so chose to keep quiet, till now.

  8. Dear Sir
    You have really done a great deed by forming the BJP without you and Atal sir it was not possible.
    Thanks a lot for saving nation from the curruption and giving us alternate.
    Your job will really inspiring for millions of people of our country and abroad.
    Thanks a lot once again.

  9. Country First, Party Second and Self Last….#lkadvani
    Hats off sir proud of u and proud of self to be a part of @BJP4India family

  10. A great post. The subtle philosophical adjustments in thought of “adversaries vs enemies” , respecting the difference of opinion and not treating political opponents as ant- nationals goes a long way in shaping the party’s psyche of being a nationalist party and not a fascist party. It is heartening to see LK Advaniji stand up, correct and guide the party. BJP is presently clouded with Hero worship and vitrolic speeches which will end up alienating neutrals and might swing their votes to the other side.

  11. I feeling so proud bcz I follow BJP nd BJP follow superb nd unique emotions nd works for India. Advani ji is great leader, all time available for nation nd secrifice much more for country.
    Always a great thinker , indian nd a great leader.
    Jai Hind

  12. You were always a stalwart and you will always be that. Your words of experiences about people, party and country are essences to carry and go ahead. I wish you good health.




  14. Sir I am 25 years old ….Prakhar Agarwal from Lucknow…when I was in 8th class in 2008 I know about your struggles from there till today I follow Bjp….Sir plz aap blogs likhiye indian politics pr…guide us…your each word is like a lesson….Plz write blog continuously

  15. Great Sirjee

    You are true leader
    Many would love to become like you
    A true son of Bharat Mata

    Salute to you

    Jai Hind

  16. Respected Advani Ji,

    I am a proud citizen of this country. I have always respected your service to the nation and also vision you gave us throughout your political career. Your blog has made me asking few questions that I am sure millions of citizens would want to ask as well.

    1. Toughest question :- Poverty since decades?
    Why we were not able to get rid of poverty since we have achieved independence. Are we just keep blaming opposition for not governing the country in the right direction or can we blame not anyone but us.
    I have been listening the same saga since I was a child that we would fight poverty. But still ‘Poverty’ is the main agenda in every election. The manifestos of all parties have something to say about ‘Poverty’ year on year but still we are struggling to fight.

    Why aren’t we able to tackle poverty in our country?

    2. Corruption

    Have we accepted corruption just as normal. Modi government has been fighting with corruption relentlessly. But still as a common man I would say there are many places corruption happens just as it happened before. I would say that if India wants to be a super power in next 10 to 15 years then this has to end. How and when can we remove corruption from roots?

    3. Employment and Wages
    India wants to be a manufacturing hub and beat China in next coming years/decades. But I would ask at what cost? When I go to large factories, or even at the construction sites many labours who work day and night, just to earn between 200-300 rs. How can one family survive with this much wage? It’s very difficult.
    On one hand we want to increase the employment and on the other hand even though people who are actually employed earn low wages.

    What is the solution to this? What we can do to increase the employment and also the wages.

    I am sure your time is really valuable but if you can spare some time to enlighten me with some answers that will be really appreciated!

    Kunal Wadhwani


  18. Deep message highlighting the importance of need for introspection is touching . Undoubtedly respect for diversity is, and should always be the base on which our country stands. The degree of honest introspection along with the attitude to accept, learn and improve the mistakes is what makes a leader or a nation truely great.

    I wish each n every fragment of BJP may draw inspiration from this message of it’s one of the founding father.
    May our India i.e Bharat reaches it’s greatest heights with highest degree of tolerance, love , respect and progress.

  19. Nearly after 5 years,… Welcome back to the blog world sir. Continue your blogging. Share your memories of Ram Rath Yatra and Partition of our nation…

  20. Thank you so much for your life long contribution towards for this nation and towards its progress over several decades.

  21. Sir, admire you and your thoughts. You are the one who has strenghened BJP from no-where to POWER. I have grown watching you and great Atalji. Hats off to you.
    I would really be happy to see you in action in atleast one Polls Ralley to support and share your thoughts on a big dias with Modiji.

    That will show us your great sacrifise and big heart to followers like me.

    Jai Hind

  22. Thank you sir for your contribution/selfless service to our beloved Nation. One of the best and beloved leader of all Indian citizens. Sir, without you we would not have imagined the greatly respected organizations like the BJP and RSS. We pray for your long living health and want you to be forever guiding leader to us.. Will chant your mantra of “NATION FIRST, PARTY NEXT, SELF LAST”
    With emotional feeling I miss you sir. Jai Hind!!

  23. Thank you for sharing your heart. Nation needs leaders like you and Atalji, People of character. You are a man of integrity and loyalty. Both are a sparse trait these days. It’s so sad to see the appalling low standards of political debate. Even though I am a congress supporter I have high respects for you because of who you are and the genre of politics you represent. I love you and honour you. Praying for your for good health. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may be cause His face to shine on you, dear sir. God bless!

  24. Advani Sir, What is your opinion on current central government when compared to Atal Ji and your time. (till 2004). I am believing current government is doing the something what congress govt did in last 10 years. Attracting opposition MLA’s and MP’s (Karnataka example). Not fulfilling the promises (Special status to Andhra Pradesh). Encouraging IT rains on opposition parties(not on any of NDA or BJP members), only opposition party members. It will be great if you comment on this.

  25. Der aaye, durast aaye.
    Your relentless efforts in the interest of the party first and in the interest of the nation next (in different order compared to current wisdom) from Babri days have taken very wild turn slowly but consistently. The nation of unparalleled diversity is slowly getting ruined on your strategies for power without having a a road map for strengthening the place of the nation in the world, which old politicians of values created, slowly and steadily; be it Mahatma, Nehru, Sardar, Indira Man Mohan or Atalji. You probably got impatient for power; but alas at what cost!!! Could not stand up for right or wrong even at the right time to make a route correction.
    Anyway thank you for late but much needed opinion, thought advice from you. Do not know if it is of any use but people of India will remember you for your role in shaping the country. Hopefully for saving them at the crucial time; if it works.

  26. आदरणीय अडवाणी जी
    सादर प्रणाम

    आप हमेशा हमारे लिए प्रेरणस्रोत रहे। आपने जीने के लिए एक ज्योति प्रदान की। आपने हमारा मार्गदर्शन किया और आगे भी करेंगे।
    मेरा जीवन धन्य है जो मुझे अटल अडवाणी की वाणी मिली। जीवन की धुन बन गई है। जय श्री राम

  27. Indira Gandhi treat BJP as ? Cong party dissolve 3 state assembly during ram jam boom. They were treating BJP as enemy . Farnadis face rasta droh case right .
    Today cong is supporting anti national gang . Rahul meet China ambassador secretly .
    Jnu gang openingly supporting pak agenda . Muslim league is now in full form . Women are force towear hijab even in cities .isi operation are in full swing to create separate Kashmir. As you were ex home minister and season politician you know things better then us.
    I regard you very much . My father is as old as you . He work for RSS, jansangh and other org .he is connected with deendayalji ,giriraj kishore ,atalji and you also .

  28. Respected sir, You remain our Ikon forever . You lead the party & millions of youtb for selfless nation/ party building. In parliament we saw your full attenation towards entire proceedinds as against othet younger members including keeping good health . We understand your support to present goverment & Modiji in the interest of party discipline which you built over the lifetime. However believe in your active role in supoorting government .

  29. I am in my early 50s and having been connected in various roles in the organisation. I wanted to write a few words about Advanji from my heart and this blog provided me the opportunity.

    I am connected with the organisation for the last 40 years for ONLY ONE REASON i.e. I am a Hindu and that we are sidelined and victimised. People forgot … new generation donot know how you single-handed lifted a party from nowhere over the years. All the factors where so different & difficult at that time. I accompanied your Rath Yatra in my mid 30s from Kaliyikkavilla to Coimbatore in a pilot car and heard all the speeches. It is that INSPIRATION made me believe that Hindus have future. That BELIEF has now died as the priority is NOT Hindus but other religion.

    I always wanted you to be the Prime Minister for atleast a year. But it is all FATE that one cannot change. But to the Millions of HINDUS, who donot have amnesia, we know that YOU and ONLY YOU stood for the CAUSE OF Hindus. YOU are more than a Prime Minister. One who united Hindus throughout India. Hindus in the coming years will know who was TRUE and who is FAKE. I humbly request you to continue your FIGHT for the Hindu cause.

  30. You have such amazing clarity and have always practiced what you preached. You will always be a great inspiration to the younger generations.

  31. आदरणीय श्री लालकृष्ण आडवाणी जी को तहे दिल से प्रनाम🙏

    Thank you for your words of encouragement & guidance, you hold a very special place in the hearts of people of India.

    We all are blessed that we have such great leaders & mentor like you. Your dedication and immortal love for motherland and party cannot be expressed in words. You planted the sead of BJP and nourished it very well till date, because of which BJP is in powerful position.

    I have a wish to meet you and gain some knowledge from your great experience, I will be blessed if this happens.

    Warm regards,

    Shankar Singh Shekhawat

  32. Sir, at last you have broken silence with your pen, if not with your mouth in the interest of “Nation” and “Party” Bhishma has broken silence.. Bhishma should have played the role of Vidhura during the last 5 years. You look healthy and fit to serve the mother land , if opportunity comes. PV Narasimha Rao was denied ticket in 1991, yet he be came Prime Minister in 1991. Similarly if it was destined, nobody can prevent you from getting what is due to you.

  33. Sir , BJP candidate for Bangalore Mr Tejaswi- Surya , is on record saying that those who oppose Modiji’s policies are anti nationals. How does he get party’s nomination ?

  34. We supported/cheered and loved “Atal Bihari Vajpayee- Adwani-Murali Manohar Joshi’s BJP. Not AMIT shah and Modis BJP..who is working for businessman and spreading hate in Indian community.

  35. Respected sir
    Its great to here from you after so many years. It was your strategies and Vajpayeeji’s charisma that attracted me towards BJP since childhood, and come what may i shall always remain a bjp voter. Your these words in the present context are a reassurance that the BJP i understand is certainly the party with a difference..
    Keep writing more and inspiring more

  36. Advani ji,

    You should have made these remarks about the total degeneration of the BJP at least a couple of years ago.

    Now it’s too late!

  37. कोई माने या ना माने,पर
    ‘मोदी-सरकार’ शब्द अपने आप मे भाजपा की नैतिक, सैद्धान्तिक और मानवीय पतन की द्योतक है।
    अब भाजपा बदल चुकी है।
    Self First, Party Next, Nation Last..

  38. LK Advani is definitely a real peaceloving and dedicated petriot. He is not like Modi who instead of having any developmental agenda is bent upon to disrupt communal harmony. We appreciate the views of Mr Advani

  39. Sir, I am feeling privileged for this opportunity of conveying my heartiest respect to you & pray for your good health.
    In my childhood, I was in an illusion of the personalities like Vajpayee ji, you & others. With growing age my realisation on the basis of philosophy & history leads me to be an ideological supporter of organisations you belong to. Your socio-political theology & its implementation in public life is always a matter of inspiration of my political cognisance. My realisation in few points of your message falls short with intellect & hence creates some queries in my mind which I am sharing.
    If governed by the similar objective to uplift the overall condition of nation despite ideological disparity, ‘Nation first, Party next, Self last’ should be the guiding principle of all in politics whether organizations or individuals and quite obviously there might not have any sense of enmity having irreconcilable ideas because of convergent objective.
    Though politics in BHARAT has been matured a lot mostly in last couple of decades but still it’s significantly a game of perception. In a intolerant desperation of either ‘Party first’ or ‘Self first’ politics by intercepting the outreach of ‘Nation first’ polity if any organization or individual is infatuating eectoratesl by compromising the utmost national interest; how should it be dealt with?
    It is great to learn with cognition that SANSKRITIK-RASHTRABAD & SU-RAJ can be achieved only by the purest combination of SATYA, RASTRA-NISHTHA & LOKTANTRA. But what if SATYA is being manipulated, RASTRA-NISHTHA is being compromised just for so-called LOKTANTRA by those who are consistent as successive perpetrators in killing LOKTANTRA?
    Realising what you have shared is fully idealistic but my observations is that electorate will not introspect due to dearth of conceptual intellect, authorities can not introspect for countering abusive allegations, mass-media has no chance of introspection due to its nature of following populist approaches & political parties(most of them) will never think at all of introspection as they are hungry of power. In such circumstances, election is very hard to be observed as festival rather it is partially to be observed as festival of LOKTANTRA & partially as collective mess to RASTRA-HIT.
    What should be the complementary line of policy for change in nature of polity simultaneously with affirmation of RASTRA-HIT by countering the regressive approaches to dilute the purest combination of SATYA, RASTRA-NISHTHA & LOKTANTRA?
    I am eagerly waiting for your response for enrichment & will be greatly grateful.

  40. With sincere respect to our great leader whose whole life itself is a guiding torch for not only persons in BJP but for everyone in the public life. Thanks & never ending respect to LK Advani Ji.

  41. आडवाणी जी,
    आप पंतप्रधान पद के सही मायने में हक्कदार थे.आप BJP पार्टी के मजबूत नीव हो.
    जो नीव की कद्र नहीं करता उस इमारत का ढांचा खोखला होकर चरमरा कर गिर जाता है.
    आज आप की पार्टी चकाचौंध से अंधी बनी है. पार्टी भारतीय जनता सै कटी है.
    कथा ःः महादेव ने भस्मासुर को वर दिया लेकिन भस्मासुर महादेव पर बुमरँग की तरह उन्ही पर उलट गया.
    नागराज वत्सला देवीदास ज्योतिषी

  42. Great words! You have been always a source of inspiration for all Indians. I salute you and your opinion -‘Nation First, Party Next, Self Last.

  43. अब पछताये होत क्या जब चिड़िया चुग गई खेत,सत्य का ज्ञान अगर समय पर हो तभी वो राष्ट्र ,पार्टी, समाज और खूद के लीये हीतावह है..
    आप सभी के प्रयत्नों से जो कमल का फूल खीला है वो फिर से अपने मूल सिद्धांतों से सूगंधीत हो ऐसी इश्वर से प्रार्थना .🙏🏻जय श्री राम

  44. Sir,you are always source of inspiration for me and lacs of party workers.You are the BHISHM PITAMAH of Indian Politics.Your every word gives us energy FOR RASHTRA BHAKTI AND SANSKRITIK RASHTRWAD.
    We are looking forward for your AASHIRWAD and MARGDARSHAN for long long time.
    Wish for your goodhealth and and happyness.

  45. वरिष्ठ राजनेता व भाजपा के संस्थापक सदस्य आडवाणी जी के ब्लाँग से पूर्ण सहमति है।आदत अच्छी हो या बुरी, उस पर ध्यान देना जरूरी है। अच्छी आदत पर ध्यान देना इसलिए जरूरी है, क्योंकि अच्छाई को बनाए रखने के लिए उसकी समीक्षा करते रहना चाहिए। संकल्प और विकल्प, सफलता और विफलता के दो अहम पहलू हैं। कठिन से कठिन कार्य में जो सफलता हासिल कर लेता है, वह संकल्प का धनी होता है, और जो छोटे कार्य में भी सफल नहीं हो पाता, उसके संकल्प को ही दोषी ठहराया जाता है। जो अपने ऊपर विश्वास करता है और दूसरे पर उसके स्वभाव, कार्य और चरित्र को देखकर विश्वास करता है, वह व्यक्ति न तो कभी कुंठित होता है और न कभी हताश। वह अपनी समीक्षा भी निष्पक्ष और दृढ़ता के साथ करता है और दूसरों की परख करने में भी वह निष्पक्षता और दृढ़ता पर कायम रहता है।

  46. Exactly right..
    Disagree with the government should not be the anti-nationalism. Freedom of expression is the fundamental right. Questioning is the right of opposition. Anybody who indulge in the act of antinational activity should be punished and hang to death. It should be the job of the government. ..only defaming and political benefit can not be the agenda…

  47. Sir:

    Your blog puts forward a truly effective framework to measure the performance of a political party. Would you write another blog to put forth your opinion on how well or poorly has BJP performed based on your framework of respecting diversity, protection of independence, integrity, fairness and other characteristics you mention?

    Swapnil Dixit

  48. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, experience and philosophy.

    Your words are a source of energy for the Karyakartas like myself. It gives us inspiration to put tireless hours to contribute whatever little we could to built this great nation of ours.

    Wishing for your blessings.

  49. Respected Senior-Most Statesman of India, Shri. L.K. Advani ji

    In History, Every Freedom Fighter will not see their Nation’s Freedom (Tilak, Gokhale & Bhagat Singh)

    Every Founder of a Political Party (idea) will not see their Party in Government (Karl Marx)

    But curious to the case, whereas a person who is a Freedom Fighter (1975) Founder (JS & BJP) Formation of Governments BJP (1996) NDA (1998 & 1999-2004) Saviour of many leaders political careers as to see…

    “Once a political Nobleman said politics don’t have a retirement age, instead the leader should fade away from public life. But today I say politics do have an age of retirement, if not retired, make them POLITICAL RETIRED HURT or by RUN OUT… “

    The NEXT Generation Politician Principles is: “Nation LAST, Party NEXT, Selfie FIRST”

    Knowledge Facts: My sister as she is in Politics asked me who will win 2019. I said politics is like Olympics if there is a clash between “Heavy Weight V/S Light Weight Champions”. The HW will win over LW person in category like: Boxing, Wrestling, weight Lifting etc., if proper strategy is implemented by Light Weight Champion to win over Heavy Weight person he has to select Strategies of games of his convenience like, Running, Swimming, Cycling, High Jump, Long Jump, pole vault etc…

    Sir you know Olympics was incepted by show casing a victory event of Marathon by a soldier turned Legend (26.2 miles) & Marathon is the last event to conclude Olympics. Sir I am sorry to say you are not a Heavy Weight or Light Weight champion in World Politics. But I am proud to say Shri. L.k.Advani ji you are a MARATHON CHAMPION (OLYMPIAD) in world politics with no CEASE on your energy, age, path & thoughts..

    Always Your’s Well-Wisher

    (K.S.Gurunath Murthy)

  50. Respected Advaniji Namaskar, Thank you very much for inspired me, to live with honesty and with true deshbhakti. You are my hero, I remember that evening your Ram rath yatra passing through my village, as a young ( teen age ) boy I got chance to keep myself near you, and I am still remember the moment you touch my palm, did hand shake with me, Do you believe I not wash my hand for 1 week, still I remember that moment at age of 47 yrs, just like its happens like today.
    I pray Bhagawan for your health and pariwar’s wellbeing. Those insulted you will get punishment, don’t worry, As I am true Hindu and believer of Bhagwad geeta I am sure your enemies will get punished.
    I will support BJP, because there is a no option left for us, as proud Hindu and desh premi, And Mr Modi knows this that why he dares to do these types of atrocities towards you and Joshiji and many others true leaders.
    Pranam to My political guruji.
    Bankim Joshi

  51. No doubt, RSS & BJP has always produced stalwarts who have loved their country more than anything else. Starting from Golwalkar, Deendayal Upadhyay, Mookerji, Vajapyee and Advani ji. Hope we remain faithful the party and its core ideology of true nationalism.

  52. Thank you Sir. It does mean a lot to get engaged with your thoughts after such a long time. Your inspiration will surely boost the energy and hopes of the party workers everywhere.

    You being a founding member of BJP definitely need to be given credit for providing a political options to the people of India that doesn’t serve the family. In the crowd of SP, Congress, RJD, BJD or any other party, You succeeded in giving us the party with a difference.

    Upholding all your experience, I just dare to make my little observation vocal here which is the behavior and portrayal of BJP Leaders whenever BJP is in power. When Atalji was the Prime Minister, You were called the extremist face of the party by a section of opposition and media. They went on to say that Atal is right but party is wrong. Now these same people reversed it with you and the current prime minister of India, sometimes you being replaced by Nitin Gadkari ji.

    BJP has the strongest roots and hence it becomes impossible to bring a crack in its organisation which you showered with all your efforts along with other founding members too. I just have a doubt that if I support my country, its integrity without considering the party or ideology I belong to and any person who supports the slogans of dis-integration of my country, Am I liable to call him or his organisation anti- national. Not agreeing with us politically would mean, not helping us build Ram Mandir or Not helping us Clean the nation or not supporting us on our foreign policy, I accept to not call anyone anti national then, but what if as an individual I find that someone is trying to extend support to enemies of the nation by scrapping sedition law?

    I agree with everything with what you mentioned and as an Indian Citizen I am also ready to abide by your teachings like we have always been doing. Neither we have nor would we call our opponents anti national on mere disagreement of our ideology.

    Thanks a lot Sir.

  53. आपके विचार बहुत ही सराहनीय और अच्छे हैं

  54. नमन एवं बधाई आप सदा पुज्नीय रहेंगे🙏🙏🙏🙏

  55. Dear Advani,

    Happy to see you in action after a long gap.

    On ‘Nation First, Party Next, Self Last.’, even your critics would accept that you put BJP ahead sacrificing your self interest – let it be announcing Vajpayee as the PM when you were the face especially having catapulted it from 2 to 180+ seats or grooming 2nd rung leaders and going even to the extent of giving political life to Modi despite Vajpayee’s unhappiness with him in the aftermath of post-Godhra violence.

    I consider you highly principled and selfless. However, when it comes to the nation, while your 2015 prophecy of “conditions for repeat of emergency” having come true with all institutions cannibalized
    by the current government, I would like you to introspect whether your silence since 2015 has helped the country. While current political reality where Modi bhakts might even mercilessly put aside your genuine concerns /advice as that of the disgruntled person who has not been given the ticket (they forget that you are its founder and any amount of Dhoni’s can’t take away Kapil Dev’s 1983 World Cup Pride / contributions), can the country afford the 2nd term to the current BJP dispensation that has dubious track record on

    1. Rafale scam – Anil Ambani himself said he was asked by Modi to venture into Defence, and in 15 days of him floating the venture, HAL was bypassed and he was selected. If Modi is God, why not be open to JPC probe?

    2. Alok Verma Saga (so shabbily treated in a midnight coup because of him not toeing the line of Modi’s blue eyed boy Asthana.

    3. Curtailing RBI Independence leading to the resignation of Urjit Patel

    4. PMO sitting pretty by not disclosing the list of major defaulters, even after Raghuram Rajan sent the same to it.

    5. Independence of Supreme Court (after biased Rafale verdict) and EC (Modi biopic)

    6. Persecute Opposition through CBI / ED / IT pressure until they toe Modi’s line (Sukhram was okay as BJP member, so many TMC scam named people were okay as long as they switched sides [compare this with harsh actions you initiated against Yeddy based on Santosh Hegde’s recommendation], Akhilesh was raided immediately after stitching alliance with BSP)

    7. Clandestine attempts to capture power in Karnataka through money power

    8. Pressure on the Press, with advertisements going to the papers that put in 4 full pages of Modi photos. Only The Hindu stood up to them with series of Rafale expose. Your disciple Gurumurthy forgot that he stood up to Reliance relentlessly along with Arun Shourie (Fittest of thing that Pranab Mukherjee known to close to Reliance is awarded with the highest civilian order – who knows, Reliance may have recommended his name)

    9. One jumla after another jumla – Demonetisation gave UP to BJP. But 110 poor lives were lost for no apparent gain to the exchequer.

    With all these, Can BJP claim to a party of any difference any more?

    10. Is RSS, you claim as the great organization, not really bothered about apparent links between Modi and Ambani’s / Adani’s and the apparent funding that projecting Modi as the saviour of the nation? Can’t they rein in Modi, quoting your own example where you relinquished everything until exonerated from foisted Hawala scam? Don’t they think the country and party can be put to ransom by 2 people from the same state (Does BJP have leadership deficit – where are the other leaders groomed by you)?

    Can you please open up with your candid views on these areas?

    About Me: I have never been a BJP member and I would attribute my political interest to Cho Ramaswamy (I wish he was alive today – he would have been up in arms against Modi, even going to the extent of stitching up alternatives against the BJP).

    Venkatesan, Chennai

  56. हम गर्व करते है आप जैसे महामहिम का आशीर्वचन पढ़ने को मिलता है ।।
    आप परमपूज्य है आपके हर शब्द हम युवा पीढ़ी के लिये मार्गदर्शक है ।।
    सादर प्रणाम🙏🙏

  57. Beautifully said thought late Advani ji poured his heart,we want them to say something of.the major clashes in the name of religion,cow slaughter as these were t only priority issues of India !No space for jobs to.millions of highly educated youths ,their increasing stress levels in every sense.Deteriorating living standards.No scientific technological advancements for the farmers.Except very bad languages,mud slinging on t so called netas of the Country,we so not approve such people to rule t masses whose objectives are religious devide ,non developmental issues,wating money on statues,smart cities that detroys the greenery of our Country,the fragile ecosystem so that life becomes more suffocating.

  58. Respected Sir, salute to your thoughts about politics. But today it seems that all this things becomes the utopian dreams in Indian politics. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thougts.

  59. The BJP during the era of late AB Vajpaye was a much different party than what it is today. For any political party to survive and thrive one needs to have space for all voices, but today this Party which was a breath of fresh air, looks increasingly suffocating, with limited space for all voices.

    Vikas is dead and gone and re election is being sought on the basis of everything but Vikas. What should voters expect in times like these.

    The party seems to be re inventing old hashed ideas with nothing new to offer.

    There is still time, and the founders day is a great day to re evaluate the core values the party was founded on.
    My heartiest congratulations to you sir for creating such a robust institution. Best wishes to the BJP for the elections, long and bright future. Wish you good health in the days to come.
    Warm Regards

  60. Thank you sir for ur message . Sir , my question is, since my childhood I’m hearing India is developing nation. I asked my father and grandma they also said , we also hearing since last 20-30 years that India is developing country. My age 30 now , so since last 30-40 years , India is developing country. But In my opinion India would never be a developed country. 99.99% Indian population are so selfish. They want government should give them benefits individually. Then only they are satisfies.

    In your opinion what’s wrong with our people?
    In my opinion,It’s not good to blame the politicians becoz lost candidates are losing money and loosing in elections. If he wins he should earn at lest
    50 crores by corruption. Otherwise he won’t win in next elections


  61. I respect your saying sir. I hope every person who says “I’m BJP man” should read it daily morning before starting the day and follow your message. If anyone not follow it he is not BJP person. I respect vajpayee and lk Advani BJP.

  62. Dear Sir,

    A year ago i came to your residence but was unlucky coz did not get a chance to meet you.
    I appreciate your thoughts about democracy and will follow as well.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sachin Gupta
    Mob- 9935089121

  63. Salute to you sir,
    But current BJP leadership is not following any .. for them self first , party next and nation last.
    with out shame they are endorsing your comments and doing exactly opposite.
    Hoping some one will emerge and we get Modi mukth bharath.

  64. Advani ji, please con’t compare Atal ji and your reign and time with the goonda raaj of Modi and Amit Shah. Now, anyone trying to even analyze and discuss government policies are not just termed anti-national, but termed as ‘congress stooges’, ‘pakistani agents’, ‘Muslim lovers’ etc. and are also harassed and forced to stay quiet. This is worse than a dictatorship, in fact they are making our country into a Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Maybe that is the goal of ‘Mohammed’ Modi!

  65. ज्यादा कुछ नहीं आडवाणी साहब मुझे भी बड़ा नेता बना देते।आप एक बार सुप्रीम कोर्ट गए थे कि मतदान आवश्यक होना चाहिये,सही है। यह भी सही है कि मतदान करने की एक योग्यता, एक आदमी, एक वोट तो क्यों नहीं एक देश, एक वोटर लिस्ट।परंतु हमारे देश में तो हमेशा चुनाव होते रहते हैं सभी चुनाव जैसे पंचायत चुनाव, नगरपंचायत, नगरपालिका, नगरनिगम, विधानसभा, लोकसभा चुनावों सभी की मतदाता सूची अलग अलग है जबकि मतदाता की एक ही योग्यता है मतदान करने की, हां यह अलग बात है कि चुनाव लड़ने के लिए अलग अलग योग्यता है।
    तो फिर क्यों नहीं एक आदमी, एक वोट एक देश, एक वोटर लिस्ट।
    रही बात एक देश एक चुनाव की तो ये सही नहीं है क्योंकि जो जीतेगा वो तानाशाही करने पर आमादा हो सकता है?
    यह जरूर हो सकता है कि राज्य विधानसभाओं के चुनाव के साथ साथ वहां के पंचायत नगरपंचायत नगरपालिका नगरनिगम के चुनाव एक साथ करा लिए जाये,ये संभव भी है। लेकिन पूरे देश के लिए एक वोटर लिस्ट होनी चाहिये।

  66. Dear Advani Ji,

    I was and still I am your fan from the time, when I started understanding politics around 1990.

    But now I have reached to certain age where I may dare to give some advice to you Sir. Now I feel, you are at age where you should not be much in news. You had given your best in past due to which Modi Ji and BJP has achieved this stage now.
    But, I feel now that Modi Ji and other BJP leaders of his age or below his age around are future leadership in the nation.

    Therefore, request you not to put such blogs which directly or indirectly affects the BJP.


    Your truly
    Gk Singh

  67. Respected Advaniji The message given by you is a true suggestion to all the stakeholders of the elections and our democracy. Your silence has been very long. Your voice makes a big difference in the country. Your silence Made this country suffer a lot. The silence of the wisest people (like Bheeshma Pitamah) is dangerous to any country including India. You didn’t give even the last speech in the parliament as many thousands were expecting in the country. There are lakhs who admire you but your silence pained us severely. We are very grateful for your words now. I wish you great health ahead of the years. Thank you sir Rajendra Prasad

  68. Its so thoughtfull blog from your end sir,BJP is pride under Leadership of great leaders a couple of decades ago. I always a fan of the political values followed in those times which lack in today’s leaders who not reflecting the Party values.
    There was never a Dictatorship which has a glorified history and it will end soon.
    Hope great leaders like you encourage and create the new path for BJP.
    Democracy lives on.

  69. I respect your dedication and devotion towards the nation and blindly agree with the principle
    Of ‘nation first’, ‘party secondary’, and ‘self last ‘
    . I can observe as the first time voter that no other party other than BJP
    is devoted to country and I recommend others (political parties)
    to acquire this culture.
    One can’t win people’s heart by abusing,belittling their culture and religion.
    I respect you a lot . I believe in your principles for good governance.
    I want to thank you for establishing a truly and purely nation dedicated party.
    My prayers for your good health.

  70. Honorable Advani Ji


    Hope everything is well. Everyone admires your recent honest advice for the nation. One request. Unfortunately your party is opposing and giving hard to Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu. It is really bad thing. We are requesting you at this critical time please support and give a call to people of Andhra Pradesh to vote Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu in the next week election. It would a be big help for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Just giving an advice is not enough. Please ACT now. Request Sir. Thank you.

  71. D ar sir
    I had worshipped you for your statesmanship
    All that had vanished due to your silence in last five years
    You are the reason for for the inception of BJP, Growth of BJP, Protectting NaMo.
    You are the reason for NaMo.
    Your silence in all these 5 years has negated what ever you have done in your entire life.

    1. Fully agree with you. Nevertheless, it is never too late. Advani is a disciplined party man and the current dispensation took advantage of his self-induced constraints – no poster for him even in Gandhinagar rally or no photo of him in election manifesto (good that he is not held accountable for Modi’s jumlas). Good that Advani has come out of it, as the country matters more than the party, even by his own blog’s title.

      Venkatesan, Chennai

  72. Respect ✊ ✊ for you Advani Ji! You did a great job in being one of the founder members of the Bharatiya Janata Party. You lived your principle ‘Nation First, Party Next and Self Last’. India can regenerate from her ashes like a Phoenix, if politicians of all parties abide by the principle you have lived by.

  73. It’s really my pleasure that i got opportunity to read such realistic blog. Respected Sir, you have shown mirror to all political persons irrespective party. I hope recent politicians will learn to your blog and definitely try to implement your values in their day-to-day life. Hats off

  74. Great words Advaniji… Hope the BJP party people and blind followers understand depth meaning of your words. Sorry for the treatment you are getting from present BJP leaders.

  75. Sir, you are a very strong personality. you still at this age has the capacity to change whatever you believe is not going the correct way.I first met you in Chennai Railway station at the age of 23,at that time I was studying in NIT warangal and was travelling from Kerala to AP. As a young man those days i was very impressed with you, especially with your strong personality. I never thought that you will become so quiet at the later part of your life.

  76. sir
    Desh ko Aap ki Jarurat Hai Aap Ko Nahi Lagta Abhi Bhi Aap Ko Election Ldna Chahiye Kuy Ki Pehle Desh Fir Party Aur Last me .

  77. Dear Advani,

    Can you pls write a blog on your association with Morarji Desai (tmrw being his Remembrance day), who I understood from Cho was the highly principled leader. Can you pls throw insights of those rare qualities that you admired, which will be an inspiration for the younger generation and a lesson for the current breed of “fly by night’ politicians.

    Venkatesan, Chennai

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