Reminiscing Indonesia and the Idea of a Mini-Bharat

August 1, 2010

BJP Deputy Leader in the Rajya Sabha, Surinder Singh Ahluwalia, has received a letter from Dr. Mahinder Singh, a friend of his in Bahrain, expressing immense satisfaction about the blog I had written a fortnight back about Indonesia. Dr. Mahinder Singh has actually enclosed a copy of the blog also to Ahluwalia, saying that he found the piece so “interesting and informative” that he had sent copies of it to numerous “friends all over the world.”

Responses to that blog which have come directly to my office are equally appreciative. As I had mentioned, I visited only Jakarta and Bali. Both places are situated in the island of Java. I wish I had also gone to Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta) about which it is often said: “If Jakarta is Java’s financial and industrial powerhouse, Yogyakarta is its soul”.

I could not visit Yogyakarta. I was told about the Prambanan Temples there. Built between the 8th and 10th century these temples are believed to be outstanding examples of Hindu art.

Here in India there are hundreds of Shiva Temples, hundreds of Vishnu Temples, but I have known just one Brahma Temple, at Pushkar, in Rajasthan. In Yogyakarta there is a Shiva Temple, a Vishnu Temple and a Brahma Temple as well, making it perhaps the second Brahma Temple in the world !

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