March 4, 2012

Not many persons I know have their Birth Anniversary on February 29, a date that comes only once in four years. But one prominent person I have known who belongs to this category is Shri Morarji Bhai Desai, former Prime Minister of India. This year, 2012, is a Leap Year. Morarji Bhai’s great grandson, Madhukeshwar Desai invited me for a function at Valsad, about one hundred kms. from Surat. It is here that Morarji Bhai’s ancestral home still stands, and where his family had some other properties also, which have been donated to social organizations.


India became independent in August, 1947. On the midnight of August 14/15, Pandit Nehru was sworn in as Prime Minister. The country suffered a military humiliation at China’s hands in 1962.  Pandit Nehru could not bear the shock of China’s betrayal, and passed away in 1964. 

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