Month: November 2013

भारत को पोलियो मुक्त बनाने में डॉ0 हर्षवर्धन की पथप्रदर्शक भूमिका

November 30, 2013

मेरी पत्नी कमला और मेरे लिए यह महीना विशेष महत्व का है, क्योंकि हम दोनों का जन्मदिन नवम्बर में ही पड़ता है। कमला का 27 नवम्बर और मेरा 8 नवम्बर को। मेरी सुपुत्री प्रतिभा ने मुझे सुझाया कि परिवार को दोनों का जन्मदिन 24 नवम्बर (रविवार) को मित्रो को संगीत के कार्यक्रम के साथ-साथ दोपहर के भोजन पर बुलाकर मनाना चाहिये। इस कार्यक्रम में भाग लेने वाले अधिकांश मित्रो ने निजी रूप से मुझे बताया कि समूचे कार्यक्रम हेतु प्रतिभा की योजना

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November 29, 2013

For my wife Kamla as well as for me, this month has a special significance; the birthdays of both of us fall in November. Kamla’s is on 27th, and mine is on 8th. This year, my daughter Pratibha suggested that the family celebrate the two birthdays on Sunday November 24th and invite friends for a Musical programme, followed by lunch. Most of those who attended personally told me that Pratibha’s planning of the entire programme, the décor, food etc was really superb.   Going through the books some friends presented to me this day, I have been greatly impressed by a book about India, published and edited by a renowned global management concern, McKinsey & Company. The title of this book is: Reimagining India: Unlocking the potential of Asia’s next Super power.   The front flap of the cover introduces the book as one that “brings together leading thinkers from … Continue reading DR. HARSH VARDHAN’S PIONEERING ROLE IN MAKING INDIA POLIO-FREE

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November 22, 2013

I have in the past attended many book-release functions. But the one that I participated in on Monday this week (November 18, 2013) was really unforgettable. The function was held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, in the presence of the President, but the book was not released by him. The formal release of the book, titled “The Light Within” was done by two sweet little girls by name Pragya and Prachi. The two are twin sisters; since birth both cannot see. The two are now studying in XII Standard. Sipra’s book carries an earlier picture of theirs with their father.   Prachi and Pragya, when they were 6 years                      old with their father, a Delhi Businessman   The book, which I have described in the title as ‘unique’ is a compilation of photographs by a photojournalist, Sipra Das.   I have been in politics for decades, and based in Delhi. And … Continue reading OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHS: A UNIQUE BOOK FROM SIPRA DAS

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